Learning some Newborn baby secrets during that first year is vital to your sanity of raising this little bundle of joy.  During their first months, your baby can’t see much beyond 12 inches.  They can’t see colors yet, but they are fascinated by shapes and contrast.

This is where the creative mom comes in and develops all sorts of newborn baby secrets to share.  Since your baby is going to spend the most of their time in their crib sleeping and waiting until that next feeding, it’s fun to develop their vision with creativity.  There’s no need to spend a lot of money on expensive mobiles or pictures from your local Babies R Us, because you can create your own visually stimulating artwork with some of the junk in your drawers at home.

Glitzy jewelry, ocean trinkets, shiny window charms all make great visuals for your baby to experience.  Much cooler than the pink plastic toys you find at the store, don’t you think?  Since we have cats, we wanted to create a tent, so to speak, for our baby.   My husband got one of those mosquito nets you hang over your beds during the summer and we got to work.

The picture above is what our baby used to gaze up at when going to sleep or first waking up.  Blacks, whites, red and blue, shiny and sparkly will always do!   Simply securely fasten your trinkets with needle and thread to the canopy and you’re on your way to being a creative Mom.

Another easy art project for your baby’s development are black lines on white paper as seen below.

Julie DelaBarre

When your baby stares at the lines, they begin to wiggle!  This is a perfect tool to help your baby’s eyes on the task of practicing their focus.  Straight black lines start to look like waves at first sight.  Draw a dozen black lines on white paper. Try different spacing and thickness of the lines and let your baby tackle their first big task in life…second task is to get rid of those nagging GAS BUBBLES!!!


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