Fitness Results in 3 Easy Steps seems like a pipe dream, but it’s not.  Whenever we make a commitment to get into shape or begin an exercise program, the nagging question of “when will I see results?” starts to pop into our thinking minds.

Trust me, I get it.  If you have been cranking it out at the gym and dieting like crazy, of course you want to know when you’ll begin to see your fitness results from all of your hard work.  You want to know when you will begin to see your body change into the body you’ve always dreamed about, right?  Well, the truth is, it doesn’t happen over night.

Most of my fitness and nutrition clients begin to report noticeable fitness results in about 4 or 5 weeks. They happily report about how their clothes are fitting looser, how they are beginning to see some definition in their arms, and a yes…around 4 or 5 weeks, they begin to hear a few comments from their co-workers.
To help you begin to see and hear these kinds of fitness results, I’ve crafted a quick article for Fitness Results in 3 Easy Steps:

1. ALWAYS BE DIFFERENT: You cannot go to the gym, do the same thing every time, and expect a different result.  That, my fitness friends, is the definition of insanity.  Your intensity and modality must constantly change so your body doesn’t adapt.  That means run up a hill, do a different style push up, lift a heavier weight, or do three more repetitions. Our bodies are machines that adapt quickly to the physical demands we put it through, so it’s important to change things up.  This is why we must always keep it guessing in order for it to get stronger, leaner, and meaner.

2. THROW OUT THE SCALE: The scale is not only a waste of space in the bathroom, but it tends to be a liar!  Water, bones, muscle mass and body fat all add into the number we see when we stare down at the scale.  What we want to focus on is body fat reduction as well as muscle gain.  If we diet and train too hard, we may lose muscle and end up in that hazy zone of being skinny fat!  Not attractive and not even close to being healthy. Body fat testing and tape measurements are the best indicator of your fitness and nutrition results. Stepping into a pair of skinny jeans or that little black dress is also a perfect gage of your efforts

3. IT’S ALL ABOUT YOUR NUTRITION:  Whatever you want from your fitness goals, what you eat is what you get.  You cannot starve your body and you cannot overload your body with protein.  The secret is to work with a smart nutritionist and get an education for a lifetime of health.  Your nutritional needs are specific to a person’s lifestyle, goals, and body type.  The sooner you know how to fuel your body, the sooner your body becomes the fine toned machine you’ve been dreaming about. Vroom, vroom!  Time’s a wasting…let’s get that body moving!

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