Newborn baby secretsNEWBORN BABY SECRETS

One of our favorite newborn baby secrets are these battery operated candles you can get from Costco.  Trust me when I say they will be your baby’s best friend, the perfect night light, a nesting must, and a great way to enhance the romance of your marriage.

We first used these battery operated candles in the delivery and recovery room to make the ambiance more inviting for our new daughter. The candles created a tranquil and cozy ambiance and helped ease the
fog of being new parents.  In short, they helped create a special bonding experience with our baby.  This newborn baby secret is one of the best secrets we have discovered as parents.  When we took our newborn baby home, these candles lit up our house at night and created a warm glow throughout the house.  It is a perfect idea for nesting with your newborn!

We now have placed these candles in nearly every room of the house.  The bedroom, nursery, kitchen, bathroom, and hallways are all illuminated with these little warm, glowing lights.  The path from our bed to the baby’s crib was lit up like a landing strip and made those hourly wake-up calls special.When the midnight cries jolted me awake, I would simply follow the illuminated runway to feed my hungry daughter. The subtle glow of these candles were also a perfect night light.  No fumbling through darkness trying to find a light switch in my groggy state.  No bright lights to wake up the sleeping parent next to you ( if they can sleep through a newborn baby cry that is, because we intuitively become tuned into every little noise and move our newborn makes).  Goodness knows at least one of us needs some sleep during those first three months, which is like boot camp.  If Mom does most of the care taking for the newborn, at least Dad will be rested enough so he can take care of Mom.  Yes, this is one of our favorite newborn baby secrets.

You will also begin to notice how much your newborn baby loves to stare at these little lights.  A dimly glowing arrangement of these candles is bright enough to capture their gaze and soft enough to act as a night light and still allows them to sleep.

The best part about these glowing candles is their subtle way to enhance the romance in your home.  What is more romantic than a glowing bedroom?  Sex may be on the back burner in your new routine for now, but kissing and cuddling is definitely new parent friendly.  Scatter those candles around the room and enjoy a few minutes together before you hit the pillow before that next newborn cry!


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