Steps to Nutrition Success is like how a wedding dress is custom tailored for brides – life is NOT a “one size fits all” anything. This 3 Steps to Nutrition Success is like getting fit for our wedding day because it’s for an important event. Our life, in the same respect, is a special event we cherish and we get to tailor it any way we want through our nutritional routines.

One of the biggest reasons why most diet plans fail is because they are custom tailored to someone else’s idea of what works. The designers of these plans probably found something that worked for them, so they packaged it up and sold it to you.

But, just like the wedding dress, we know we all have our own unique and beautiful curves to our lives. This is why we have to embrace ourselves and custom tailor our nutrition to our unique, beautiful curvy life.

In order to tailor our program, we need to see what fits and what style works for our body best. At the end of this blog, you’ll find a PDF to gather priceless information about your preferred foods, insight to your hormones, and an understanding what real hunger is when compared to emotional cravings. If we want to custom tailor our own beautiful, curvy and fabulous bodies and achieve our 3 Steps to Nutrition Success, we need to gather this information to custom tailor our plan…and not one that fits someone else’s life. This is your one life. It’s your big event, all of it! So, here we go.

In order for these 3 Steps to Nutrition Success to take hold, we need to develop a sense of true compassion for your process as you explore your relationship with food and your beautiful body.”

3 Steps to Nutrition SuccessNUTRITION STEP 1: Meet yourself where you are and work with what you’ve got. 

As you use the attached Meal Record to track the foods you’re eating, it’s important to embrace the food you enjoy eating so the 3 Steps to nutrition success can take hold! Don’t ever take away all the foods you enjoy. Your body becomes accustomed to eating certain foods at certain times of the day. We are habitual creatures who love our routines, so let’s embrace this idea.

By meeting yourself where you are, and working with the foods that you prefer, little tweaks and introductions can be implemented so you can create the body and the life of your dreams. (PS: the hang-ups we have with our body and food are mirrors for the hang-ups we have in life.)

NUTRITION STEP 2: Understanding your flow. March to the beat of your own drum.

Some of us prefer to eat in the morning, while some of us don’t want to eat until noon! It’s important to understand your body’s circadian rhythm when it comes to your eating habits. Consider the following questions as we get to the bottom of your process to understanding;

When does your body get hungry?

How often does it get hungry?

Do you prefer big meals or light snacks throughout the day?

Are you able to know what hungry feels like in the body?

What does it feels like to eat out of boredom, loneliness, or even stress?

As you start to use a hunger scale, you will have a better understanding of your physiological hunger. This is also an insight to understanding our emotional hunger. Remember when I said our relationship with our food is a reflection of the relationship with our life? Sometimes we use food to cope and numb ourselves from what’s really happening in our lives.

The practice of using a hunger scale is going to help you separate true hunger versus emotional hunger. This creates an opportunity achieve the body of your dreams by addressing subtle, yet impactful self-sabotage. By addressing the drama of life, you create something amazing on purpose and with a purpose. 

NUTRITION STEP 3; Power of Choice. 

As we gather this information about our food preferences, our bodies circadian rhythms, and hunger versus emotional hunger in order to active our 3 Steps to nutrition success, we begin to make more educated choices. This is where we get to custom tailor our bodies and regain control of our life. It’s not always easy and it’s not always comfortable. However, when you start to hit those uncomfortable bumps, you’re probably headed in the right direction. Let me give you a couple simple rules to tighten up your diet plan, and if we get the opportunity to chat in person, we’ll level up from there as well! 


#1: The best foods for your body and your hormones are going to be the ones that grow on trees and grown in the ground. When you source your food from the earth, you’re eating something that will help you in all aspects of life, both the physical and the mental. 

#2: Hunger is in the body and cravings are in the mouth. When you crave something, it does not mean that you are actually hungry. True hunger usually comes from the stomach area. If you find a craving for a specific food and you are yearning to eat that food, you will feel the sensations more in your mouth. Cravings are not real hunger. They are cravings. The question you have to ask yourself is this; where are they coming from? That’s huge work to break free and breakthrough from in order to achieve not only the body that you want, but the life you want. 

#3: Identify your food addictions, intolerance, and the erratic behavior of your hormones. If you find yourself reaching for caffeine, sugar, or heavy carbs, you are likely dealing with a chemical addiction to those foods or your fluctuating hormones. At the end of each day, circle any foods that you feel you cannot let go of. As a professional nutrition and fitness expert, it is rare that I have a client who craves chicken and broccoli.

Another way to identify fluctuating hormones is by becoming aware of your energy level. Check your energy levels, brain fog, and moods throughout the day. How you respond in energy, mood, and mental sharpness can be directly correlated to your last meal. The composition of that meal has a lot of priceless information as to how you are reacting and responding either to the ingredients, the portions, or the macro nutrient split.

3 Steps to Nutrition Success can only work when we develop a sense of true compassion for our process as we explore our relationship with food and our beautiful bodies. In order to ultimately make a permanent and successful change in life around your nutrition, you have to be willing to commit and walk through the arriving discomfort if you want to get to the other side. It’s highly unlikely that we ever accomplish great achievements alone. Remember, it takes a village, it takes teachers and counselors, education, compassion, and refusing to fail, by first deciding to never give up.

Use this attached Meal Record to embrace and create your custom-tailored diet plan. It all begins with the first step, and the insight you will gain from this document is the foundation you will build your inner strength around to create not only the body that you desire, but the life you often dream of.

The issues we have with our body and the relationship we have with food is simply a process of “acting out of” our inner turmoil. If we are not in balance with our bodies and our relationship with food, we have our wires mixed up and we’re taking out our confusion, anger, anxiety etc. etc. on the relationship we have with our body and our food. 

I wish the greatest life for you all! The greatest work when we can do is on ourselves through self-reflection and self-enhancement. Using this mastery, which is an ongoing lifetime search, by the way, we are able to share this wisdom with all the amazing and talented women in our lives…who are in the same battle as we are. We are in this together.  

All the best, Ladies.

Talk to you soon!

Meal Record

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