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online personal fitness trainer
online personal fitness trainer

Are you looking for an online personal fitness trainer? I know this can be a frustrating search. As a result, most people give up. Don’t. Don’t ever give up. That’s what Girl, Get Your Fit Together is all about. This program and this book were created to keep you on track so you don’t give up. Remember, nothing happens when you give up.

The best online personal fitness trainer for you is one who understands what your needs are. This comes from experience. You also want someone whom you can connect with on a personal level. The reason for this is because personal training is exactly that, it’s personal. If you have to spend time with someone, you might as well enjoy their company, right? Today, they are just a click away.

When searching Google for an “online personal fitness trainer,” focus on:

  • Find the best personal trainer for your lifestyle
  • Someone with your physical fitness preference
  • A trainer who understands personal nutrition

Are you Searching for a Personal Nutritionist?

When some people hear nutrition, they think about going without. As a personal fitness trainer and nutritionist, I teach my clients to have their cake and eat it too. Searching for a nutritionist near me can also be a challenge. As a result, you give up the search. Again. Don’t.

A top-quality personal fitness program should also include nutrition that is appropriate for your body type. This is why I wrote a book. You can download it here. It’s called Girl, Get Your Fit Together. I not only teach you the science, but I also provide the results for getting in shape. Sign up for a Free Trial with my Trainerize App for iPhone or Android.

There is no one size fits all in the world of nutrition. At Girl, Get Your Fit Together, our programs are client specific. What works for you, might not work for someone else. The secret to finding the best personal fitness trainer who meets you where you are with your current physical fitness level.

At Girl, Get Your Fit Together, we put these two programs together. We create programs with exercises that are suited for your body and exercise intensity preference. This is another reason why a private fitness instructor is preferred over taking a group fitness class. Having a private fitness coach can offer tailored fitness results. Need advice, email me today.

The best personal fitness coach and personal nutritionist is going to embrace your capabilities and lifestyle preferences. As a result, one who makes goal-specific steps towards the results you are looking to achieve.

Stop searching for an online personal fitness trainer, and step into Girl, Get Your Fit Together.

Ask The Expert

Fitness & Nutrition Expert Julie DelaBarre talks all things Real Mom Fitness

Both offer great benefits with low impact on the body. Pilates may be more approachable when using the reformer or mindful mat work. Depending on the level and style of yoga, the practice can include some difficult poses. This can offer benefits of mobility, coordination, and joint stability. I love integrating yoga and Pilates throughout my clients week because these types of exercise can be more therapeutic, which is a great compliment when engaging in more strenuous work.


Here’s the sad reality when we talk about American life and exercise. One out of 3 adults get the recommended daily physical activity. A whopping 28% of us, aged 6 and older, are physically inactive. I would love to think that this is changing given our new reality of working from home, but it’s not. In fact, it’s probably worse.


If you want better performance in your work life, home life, and life in general…you need to workout.


1. LEG RAISE – Sit up in your chair, strait back. Lift your leg straight and flex from your heel. Hold for 15 seconds, then switch legs. 15 reps, Alternating. In a few days, you can begin to add some leg weights and really feel the burn.

2. CHAIR DIPS – Obviously, you want to do this exercise when you aren’t on a Zoom call. Probably not the best look when your boss or client is on with you. So, when you have a free moment, scoot forward to the front edge of your chair, put your legs out in front of you while holding yourself up by grabbing the edges of the chair. Using your core muscles, lower down into a triceps dip. 3 sets of 15.

3. CALF RAISES – Standing, lift up onto the balls of your feet, go down and lift up. Keeping your core tight throughout, complete 3 sets of 15.

4. STANDING HIGH KNEES – Standing up from your desk, core tight, lift one leg up, then lower. Alternate to the other leg. This exercise can be similar to running in place, but we aren’t looking for crazy cardio here, just lifting your knees up to counteract the long hours of sitting.

What you should be asking  is what is my goal? If your goal is performance I would steer you towards quick sugars from fruit as an immediate energy source for a performance.  If your goal is fat loss, I would suggest a protein and fat combination to support lean mass and inspire beta oxidation for energy production. Beta oxidation is the use of fatty acids to create energy. When the body starts using a specific energy source, like fats, it likes to continue using the same source.

Consuming fat before a workout inspires the body to burn more fat for energy. Keep in mind the timing of all your meals before a work out. The meals suggested above should be consumed 30 to 60 minutes before the work out. The meal prior to your pre-workout meal should be 3 to 4 hours before your work out. 

Immediately after a workout, you should focus on re-hydrating. Drink your water, ladies…it’s good for you. As far as something to eat, protein and carbs are your refuel source. We want to take in the proteins to support lean mass and carbohydrates to replenish glycogen stores. This is also a great way to increase the glycogen storage capability within the muscle. This gives us many benefits including the ability to “carb load“ and also increasing the capacity for energy stores within the muscle as opposed to fat cells!! 

First of all, let’s not “should” all over yourself! This is a deep dive into where you currently are with your nutrition and where you want to go. I never encourage my clients to restrict or remove anything that they don’t want to. Yes, there are foods that are more healthful for you than others. Simply ask yourself does this food grow on a tree or from the ground and it’s likely more nutritious than something found in a bag.


There are different levels to nutrition programs depending on where the client is starting.  it’s important to take baby steps so those changes can be implemented successfully.


If you want to dive, in removing flour, sugar, dairy, and alcohol while replacing them with fresh foods, nuts, seeds, and lean meats would be a beneficial enhancement.  Keep in mind that your body may go through withdrawal like an addict, and your mind may start to freak out at the same time! That is why I work with my clients closely on the emotional connection with food and their goals. When you can get your soul on board it makes everything easier!

 Only if you want to! This is why I use specificity training in my programs. I want to see results fast and I want to see the results that I am aiming for. I want to hit the bull’s-eye! If you are training for bulky muscles that is a specific program executed repeatedly with the correct amount of weights, repetitions, and sets throughout the week.


Women do not have the testosterone profile to bulk up. If you see women bodybuilders there is a chance that they are enhancing their efforts with supplemental aids. There’s also the possibility that they do have a genetic profile that will allow them to capitalize on muscle bulk, which is called hypertrophy. However, if they trained that same body to run a marathon their body composition would be completely different. Training for endurance, such as a marathon, would activate the type one muscle fibers which are long and lean in appearance as opposed to training for a bodybuilding, which specifically increases muscle size. 

online personal fitness trainer