You deserve to live your best life…NOW!

Julie DelaBarre
online fitness coach


Have you asked yourself, what kind of life do I want to live? How do I want to be treated? How do I want to treat myself? I’m asking these questions because the only way to get the life you want is to first know what kind of life you actually want and who you want to be in it. We are not victims of circumstances. We are not victims of what we don’t have. And we are victims only if we choose to be someone who isn’t able to ask themselves the tough questions.

You would be amazed what type of life you can live right now, based on the qualities of the life you want to create. We think the grass is always greener if we were in someone else’s shoes or had someone else’s privilege or opportunities. In the end, it’s always something of our choosing.

No matter where you are in life, married, single, divorced, CEO or entry level employee, right now is exactly where we need to be. It’s where we were meant to be, because it is what we have created so far. If we want something different, we need to know what that is and begin to create a path in order to get there. Remember, it’s not who we become when we get ‘there,’ it’s who we become in the journey of getting wherever ‘there’ is. The secret is to start living that life today. Right now. I say this because it’s not about the circumstances or opportunities in life, it’s the quality from where we live.

Dreaming about the life you want to create can and is extremely exciting! We can get from here to “there” by starting where we are today. There is nothing stopping you, just the thought of failure. Remember, our successes are built on our failures. Go out, fail. Fail big. Get it out of the way, because you have an awesome life to live. There are Cinderella ‘rags to riches’ stories all around us. It’s all out there. It’s all possible. Whatever it is you want to create, remember this; it’s possible. It’s possible because it comes from you and nobody else. You are responsible for your own happiness. You are responsible for ridding yourself of the thoughts that have been creating your current circumstances. Look at them and decide if you want to stay or you want to go.

If you want something different from life, look at your thoughts and learn how to choose the ones that serve your best self. Ask and answer the tough questions and learn how to believe in yourself. Forget about the hoity toity affirmations, because they don’t work. What does work is adopting a knowiness for who you are. Get ready ladies. Life is about to rock.

“What you feed will flourish. What you neglect, will die. “

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“Every woman is what she is, because of the dominating thoughts which she permits to occupy her mind.”


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