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Discover the Real Formula to Wellness and Why Women Struggle with Weight Loss

P.S. it’s not what you think…

with Integrative Nutritionist & Master Trainer Julie DelaBarre, CPT, BS

Grab your spot now if…

You would like to lose weight, but you don’t want restrictive meal plans or time consuming meal prep

➜ You want food and body freedom and never measure food or fixate on the scale, EVER AGAIN

➜ You want to be free from the frustration and shame of those extra pounds

On Our Call I’ll Share:

How your body chemistry really works and what your body is telling you

How to correct the damage dieting has done to your body, thyroid, and brain

What one meal can get you back on track and feeling great instantly

Why your body craves sugar, how to break free, and how to enjoy dessert and drinks without sabotage

Why a diet plan fails …and what to do instead

Here’s a Fact…

Our body is a chemistry project. Wellness is just chemistry and math. The secret to freedom from food and weight loss is in our brain.


I’m going to show you my four-step system that will help you break free from weight loss madness and give you the body you love.

I have lived the weight loss struggle and the heart break that goes with it. I get it. I was chronically sick for 5 years as I tried to raise kids, get my body back, run my business, and manage a household.

When you are looking for solid solutions, you want someone who really gets it. Who gets YOU! Someone to understand what you’ve been through and knows first-hand how to get out. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think there is any man who can tell a woman about pregnancy, child birth, and the struggle to ‘get it back together’ better than a woman who has lived it. Ladies, we are a tribe and we here to help each other rise up and rock it out.

You see, I was always told I was “not enough” …not quite toned enough.. a little soft… need to lose just 10 pounds… at the age of 14 from my ballet teachers publicly pointing out my pudge in class, at the age of 20 my teachers and agents telling me I just need to lose weight & tone up a little and I will work, age 25 to my boyfriend sitting me down and directly telling me I had gained weight and needed to get in shape, age 33 a nutritionist telling me ‘you better lose that baby weight or people are going to wonder…’

Wow. As if I’m not my own worst critic, it felt like the whole world, my whole life, was telling me my value was in my body and it wasn’t good enough, so neither am I … great. Check please.

When we don’t feel good about ourselves, we don’t make choices that serve us. We make choices based on what we think we deserve which is based on how we feel and think about ourselves. Look around and see what you think about yourself. What choices have you made? The world reflect back to you that which you are creating.

This poor self-image only led me down a path of destruction. Trying diets to lose weight, failing because my hormones were working against me, and then binging by 5. Ridiculous! My health plummeted. I would get a sinus infection around thanksgiving and never recover until May! My skin was a wreck and my brain was spinning into daily anxiety and depression. I was so riddled with anxiety and depression I spun myself into a chronic case of IBS.

I remember my breaking point … I had put my kids to sleep and started bawling because life felt horrible, the outlook was bleak, and I just didn’t want to live this life if that was the future….

This is where change happens.

No one changes because they’re comfortable…

My greatest pain was my greatest awakening. It’s like life kept beating me down until I finally DECIDED TO CHANGE because my life depended on it, literally.

It didn’t happen overnight. In fact, I’m still a work in progress! I took one baby step at a time implementing what I knew to get healthy ( this is just science, it’s not personal ) . I did the deep inner work to challenge my fears and belief systems ( this is where the magic happens ). I learned skills to strengthen my my emotional resilience ( this is the practice ) . And further studied neuroscience and quantum physics ( my favorite indulgence ) … ‘cause quantum physics makes me feel like I have magical unicorn powers!

I figured out the secret sauce! The feminine approach to wellness and weight loss. It isn’t done through force and restrictions, it’s not just counting calories in and calories out… it’s embracing our human beingness! We are the physical, mental, and emotional. As women, we are wired, literally, to be driven by our emotions. THAT is where we need to start.

Health and wellness is more than a dress size. WE are more than a dress size, and life is waaay more than a dress size! It is about how you feel in that dress! How you spirit lights up when you put it on and celebrate yourself.

My journey has helped me develop a program and a sacred space for women to get educated, empowered, and excited about what they are creating in their life. To recognize how one cup of broccoli can change your destiny.

I want my clients to be free from the scale, the torture of restrictive diets, and free from self-imposed belief systems that keep them down.

Sometimes we have to break down to break through and break free…

Break free from the toxic body relationship and dysfunctional eating habits. Learn how to change your chemistry so you aren’t sabotaged by cravings and you regain control. Understand the simple science for weight loss and wellness. Know the EQ skills that will empower you to succeed this time.

The body is a chemistry project and we are human-beings being human.

Choose yourself. You deserve your best life. If not now, when…

The time is NOW!

This is perfect for you if:

✔ You’re done with boring, restrictive diets that (let’s face it) SUCK!

✔ You’ve done everything “right” but it isn’t working

✔ You’re overwhelmed with all the B.S. online and want a solution real that actually works!

✔ You don’t want to spend HOURS working out to see results

This is NOT for you if:

✔ You expect overnight results. Yes, they can happen rapidly, but let’s honor your journey and make it last this time.

✔ You aren’t willing to do the work. This will be emotional, mental, physical, and nutritional.

✔ You would rather take advice from an IG influencer or take the latest fad supplements.

Let me ask you this…

If your body wouldn’t change from this day, for the rest of your life, how would you feel?

If you had to put on a little black dress today, how would you feel?

Do you really believe it’s possible?

What if you could have that feeling, a few months from now, if you just followed the ‘recipe for reliable results’? Would you do it?

It’s time to choose yourself!