Post Pregnancy Workout


POST PREGNANCY WORKOUT One of the best post pregnancy workouts is to never worry about your belly bulge left over from being pregnant.  Belly fat after pregnancy is normal.  What is not normal is allowing it to

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Emotional Eating


EMOTIONAL EATING The most common triggers for emotional eating are boredom, failure, loss, frustration and envy.  The secret to breaking a food addiction or habit is to for us to determine the reason behind it.  When

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5 Tips to Fight Childhood Obesity


CHILDHOOD OBESITY 75% of all children suffer from childhood obesity.  50% of these children will NOT outlive their parents. The question now is, how can we teach our children healthy eating habits?  Perhaps the bigger

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The Number One Secret to Fat Loss


FAT LOSS The secret to fat loss is the chemistry on your plate. Different body types metabolize foods differently. Do you know anyone who can eat whatever they want and never gain a pound?  Grrrr….those people make

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