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The 5 pound challenge is a 12 week transformational program with personal guidance on food, fitness, and feminine mindset

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September 14, 2024!

Healing After The Cure

Julie and Dr. Roy’s holistic approach for whole body, whole self healthcare. Prevent recurrence and recover from cancer treatments with an integrative wellness program.

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“I’m doing everything right and CANNOT lose weight!”

These are words spoken directly from my own mouth. I get it. It’s uncomfortable. Feeling uncomfortable in our skin is devastating to our spirit. Unfortunately, we cannot clock out of our body at 5 pm and hit happy hour to feel good.

My Personal Journey

Julie DelaBarre
Julie DelaBarre
Julie DelaBarre
Julie DelaBarre
Julie DelaBarre
Julie DelaBarre

There is NOTHING wrong with you!

It’s not your thyroid.
It’s not your metabolism.
It’s not your age.

And… it’s not your fault.

How to STOP the madness!

STOP generic workouts.

STOP following someone else’s diet plan.

Learn to STOP overeating.

Learn to STOP over-drinking.

Learn to STOP self sabotage.

You are STRONGER than you know!

First, diets fail because they are someone else’s diet plan! And guess what, not everyone likes high intensity bootcamps or has an hour to workout! Embrace yourself! Create a no-fail program that fits your life, goals, and time commitments so we can get it right this time and healthfully ever after.


“You can’t check out of your body at 5pm and hit the happy hour,
so stop sabotaging yourself and become your strongest ally.”


Save yourself from one more day of mind-body insanity, and start getting real answers for real results. I’ve been there. I know the science (I have degrees in this stuff, sister). And I know the ‘secret sauce’ of bringing the science all together to create a body and life you love …

You CAN get your body back!

You CAN eat dessert!

You CAN love being fit!

You can HAVE the body you love!

What Do You Get?

Julie DelaBarre

As a fitness and nutrition expert, top placing NPC bikini competitor, as well as mother of two, Julie knows the science behind getting fit. Her personal struggles and successes enhance her ability to help her clients achieve their goals. Moreover, she takes her clients journey as personally as her own because she dedicates her knowledge and humanity to help her clients succeed.


Julie is an online Nutrition, Fitness and Wellness Expert with over 17 years of experience in the nutrition and fitness industry. A certified Clinical and Sports Nutritionist as well as renowned group fitness instructor, Julie served as the Fitness Manager of the “Rated #1 Gym in America,” Equinox and a columnist and speaker for various health and wellness companies across the country. In addition, she is the creator of the Girl, Get Your Fit Together, which teaches clients fitness workout routines and total body workout at home.


Above all, Julie is a passionate researcher of nutrition science who holds B.S. degree in the field. Certified in clinical and sports nutrition, she holds a variety of training certifications, and is currently completing her Masters degree in Nutrition Science.

Certified through Precision Nutrition, she is joining the National Association of Nutrition Professionals. As a master online fitness coach, Julie holds certifications in sports conditioning and pre-post natal from American Fitness Professionals and Associates and the National Council on Strength and Fitness.

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Rave Reviews

Hear what previous client’s had to say:

Gift yourself the time and self love to work with Julie Delabarre. Both her nutritional and kinesthetic knowledge are exceptional, full stop. But it’s her ability to break into an individual’s mindset and emotional motivations in regards to wellness that truly make her a holistic “triple threat”.

I started working with Julie with the intention of developing a consistent strength workout, as well as establishing insights into realistic meal planning (as a busy working parent with a full schedule-ps. who doesn’t find themselves in this position one way or another?), and in addition to exceeding both of those goals, Julie nurtured a much deeper understanding of how I can view and experience health: mind, body, and spirit. Her care and generosity, on top of her world class experience, make working with Julie and the Little Black Dress program pure joy. With results.:)

Rachel H., Fitness & Nutrition Client

“I love training with Julie, and I love the results I get from her workouts!  I started training with Julie ten years ago when I was pregnant, and to this day she is still my fitness go-to.  Unlike many other fitness programs, Julie keeps her workouts fast paced and exciting by constantly switching up exercises and equipment.  I always leave my training sessions with her feeling strong, and that I did something special for myself.  Julie truly understands the connection between emotional and physical well-being, and by really getting to know each of her clients and their goals, helps them achieve both.”

Jodi F.

“Julie was an incredible motivating force – pushing me to new levels of fitness that I never thought possible.  Each time I swore I couldn’t lift another pound or run any faster, she would push me to try and consistently proved to me that I could do so much more than I thought I ever could.  And each time I swore that I couldn’t see any changes in my body, someone would tell me how I had motivated them to start working out because of how great I looked.”

Jennifer M., Bridal Client

“I must admit that my favorite part of working with Julie DelaBarre, would definitely be our weekly posing sessions.  She taught me how to present my best physical attributes and how to use my elegance and grace as a dancer to illuminate on stage. After working with Julie for my second show, I felt so confident on stage and placed higher than my first show!”

Nicole Rush, NPC Bikini Competitor

“I will not be able to write enough good words about Julie! When I started working with her I had zero experience on stage, in heels, or posing. She taught me how to walk confidently, find specific poses that flattered my body, and transition smoothly. I was like a four year old learning the steps but her patience and expertise allowed me to improve immensely! I could not recommend her more. Julie also covered my nutrition for my first bikini competition. I was able to gain 8lbs of muscle while losing 2% body fat. Her meal plans were easy to follow and on point. If you are looking to compete at a top level, or simply change your body composition, I highly recommend Julie.”

Kacia S., NPC Bikini Competitor

“When I first met Julie over a year ago, I was in an exercise-regimen rut.  I was running long distances, which I thought should be enough.  After all, running 30-40 miles a week takes up a lot of time.  However, Julie soon proved to me that running was NOT enough.  After working out with her (as my personal trainer) only a few times, I soon realized I was soft and flabby…despite all of my running. My diet also had a lot of room for improvement.  With Julie’s excellent workout AND nutrition instruction, my body completely changed.  For the first time in my life, I am not soft and flabby, and I have a better body now at the age of 40 than I did when I was 25!!  I ran my best Marathon ever after training with Julie…not to mention, I have the strongest abs on the planet!  And it’s all thanks to Julie’s expertise.  She’s amazing :)”

Traci C. , Fitness Client

“I lost 32 pounds working with Julie. I recently went to my cousins wedding and I was the talk of the evening! I worked really hard and followed everything she said, and now I look forward to going to the gym. It’s nice to hear the compliments. Now people are asking me for advice!”

Sarah T., Fitness & Nutrition Client

“Working with Julie was one of the highlights of my wedding preparation. She made every session fun but wasn’t afraid to kick my butt! Her workouts really transform your body in a short time frame. On my wedding day I felt so beautiful and the most fit I had ever been, which was a great bonus for the honeymoon in Maui! Now that I’m a mom I have used her techniques to bounce back from my pregnancy and stay strong so I can keep up with my active boy.”

Ashley B., Fitness Client

“My sister and I have worked with Julie for three now. We are breast cancer survivors who refuse to get old. Since working with Julie we can both see great improvements in our balance and energy, which is important when you get older especially with our busy traveling schedule. Our biggest celebration was the results from our doctor who told us we’ve increased our bone density by 10%! Julie is our trainer for life.”

Sami & Marilyn, Grandma's

“I’ve been struggling to get back to my college weight. Working with Julie I’ve not only achieved my goal weight, but have completed the Malibu Triathlon! Julie provides the ultimate personal training experience; a superior knowledge of health, fitness and nutrition, combined with an intense focus on setting goals for your performance and helping you reach them. All of which is executed with a supportive and positive attitude. It is so gratifying to hear friends and family say, “Wow, you look amazing!” Julie is priceless.”

Sam W., Fitness Client

“I’ve lost 40 pounds with Julie’s expertise and care! I’ve been preparing for my wedding and Julie not only helped me with my body, but has been my peace of mind!! Her support has kept me on track and accountable which has helped me not only lose the weight, but get down to a healthy percentage of body fat and BMI. I never thought i’d be a runner, and here i am logging miles! Julie is amazing at what she does and truly cares about her clients. Now that I’m married, we have to start training for the babies!”

Meghan L., Fitness Client

“Julie is the best trainer I have ever had in my life. She facilitated my transformation from having an attitude of “I must go work-out” to an “I can’t wait to work out.” Her radiant presence is matched by her knowledge, grace and attitude of caring service. What can I say…. I love her!”

Emilio D, Fitness Client

“I never thought nutrition and fitness could change my life, but working with Julie has done just that; CHANGED MY LIFE. She helped me get off sugar, and I love her for it! Her total body approach gave me more energy and more desire to work out. I used to hate to work out, now I can’t wait. I have Julie to thank for that. She changed my life.”

Eric D., Fitness & Nutrition Client

Ask The Expert

Fitness & Nutrition Expert Julie DelaBarre talks all things Real Mom Fitness

Depending on what you want to accomplish from an online fitness coach, there are “better” times to workout to enhance your results. However, anytime that works for your schedule is great! All work will contribute toward your results. Testosterone has been found to peak around 10AM. The high level of this hormone can help contribute to hypertrophy, muscle size, when the right training program is implemented. (don’t worry girl, we don’t have a lot of this hormone, so bulking up is not our natural composition)

If the goal is to burn fat, training in a fasting state can help utilize fat stores for energy. Starting your day with an exercise routine before eating will help the body breakdown triglycerides for energy. The intensity and duration is important to consider as to not contribute to muscle wasting for energy. A duration of 30 minutes may suffice. Fueling properly after this workout is also important in order to support tissue repair and enhancing glycogen stores in the muscle. If sports performance if the goal, power lifting or long distance running for example, training after a properly balanced meal will help the body show up with a full tank of energy.

You are a chemistry project. As a result, your body is a chemistry experiment. In order to figure out why the experiment is not yielding the results you want, it is important to gather data on the amount of energy you take in and the amount of energy you put out.  Depending on your desired results, each one requires a different mixture of chemicals (nutrition) and energy (exercise). Muscle building is different chemistry than say, losing body fat.

If we look at a few cornerstones of health, nutrition, exercise, and consistency, it is important to be honest about what you are eating. Every nibble you take, you need to understand and consider the chemistry on your plate. The plate composition of a 25 year old female’s compared to that of a 45 year old male is drastically different. Being aware of what you are eating, how often, how much, and in what portions of carbs, fats, and proteins, is the first step in understanding results.

Exercising in the appropriate set, rep, intensity, and duration is another important consideration. If your training doesn’t match the results you want, your experiment will not yield the results you want. If you want big muscles, we have an online fitness program for that.  If you want to run a marathon, we have an online fitness coach and program for that. And finally, if you want to lose body fat, we have a program for that as well. As you would imagine, all three of these programs are different.

Working with an online fitness coach is all about consistency. It’s like writing. If you want to write a book, you have to write. Right? If you want to run a marathon, you have to start running before the marathon. Real consistency starts with the chemistry on your plate. What you eat is what you get. Need help? Need an experienced online fitness coach, I got you. Together, we’ll create a program that is sustainable for you.  If it is too strict, it won’t work.  The key is to find balance, and match your nutrition and exercise with your desired goal.

The best way to lose weight is finding a routine that is sustainable for your lifestyle.  If you want fast results, it will be uncomfortable.  If you can lengthen the time frame, a nutrition and exercise program can be more sustainable and comfortable.  Losing weight is about finding a program that can be sustained after the weight is lost. So, it is not only about losing the weight, but keeping it off.

That is NOT done with crash diets. Use a nutrition program that aligns with your food preferences and offers a plan that works with your lifestyle.  A good nutritionist will custom design a program that works for you, gets results, and is sustainable. Just as nutrition needs to be consistent, so does the exercise. It is important to move your body, regardless of weight loss goals.

Find an exercise program that is sustainable, just as your nutrition. Engaging in high intensity classes is likely going to lead to burn out, especially if that is not your jam.  If you are a pilates girl, work within your scope.  A good trainer will design a program that will reach your goals while embracing the style and intensity that matches your personality.  Exercise and nutrition follows the same rules of sustainability.  Find a program that is sustainable for a lifetime.

This is a personal question and the answer is in the details. What type of sugar are we talking about? High fructose corn syrup is a chemical structure of fructose and glucose. It is not the same as naturally occurring sugar. It has a different effect on the blood sugar and is digested differently.  It is also important to consider how much simple sugar is being taken in per day.  In short, sweet treats can be included in any program.

The more important detail to look at is the quality of the treat and quantity.  If there is a dependency on sugar or sabotaging cravings, there is something deeper to look at.  This could be a blood sugar problem, an allergy, or an emotional coping mechanism.  We are a science project, and also human.  And hey, sugar tastes good, so let’s find a healthy way to enjoy this pleasure.

Nutrition and fitness shouldn’t become a bad word in your life. If the mere thought of working out sends chills down your spine, it’s time to mix it up. There is no real answer here. We all want to be fit, but what is the point of killing yourself at the gym if you are too exhausted to live your life? The bottom line, or answer to the question is your body was born to move. The very second a baby arrives, it is constantly moving. As a mother, I am sometimes amazed at how much energy my kids have. They are little Energizer Bunnies, constantly moving about.

How often you workout really depends on you. How often, how long, or how intense should depend on what you want your results to look like. An Olympic athlete works out all the time. That’s not realistic for most of us. Sure, my life is centered around fitness and nutrition, but I like my cake too! Just remember this, working out doesn’t have to mean throwing weight around the gym 24/7.

Any movement is good movement.  Blood flow is great for circulation, cholesterol, heart health, endurance, and mental health! Plus, taking the time to move your body can be nurturing to your soul.  Exercise can be a time to go within and clear some stress. If you are tired of the gym routine, non-stop spinning classes, go on a hike with your girlfriends. You are being social and getting a great workout in. The key is to live an active life. When we are active and eating natural foods, it is extremely hard to be out of shape or overweight.

Not only does this sound like an excuse, it sounds like someone who is looking for a way to justify their lifestyle. The reason I say this is because I have free workout videos on my social media platforms. I have a free social structure in my facebook community.  I have FREE downloads of workouts. I have countless videos on my You Tube channel. There is no reason you should look for a way out when we have so many options that are free.

I am here to support my Girls as they “Get Their Fit Together.” That is what Girl, Get Your Fit Together is all about…a community of girls, all different, but all girl. We are here to support each other. This is how we rise and shine. By sharing this supportive, knowledgable and effective resource, we are simply paying it forward. When we work together, we can change the world from within.

Imagine if we lived in a community of thriving, not simply surviving girls. Join Girl, Get Your Fit Together today. I can’t wait to see you in the community! I love your questions. I really love to hear your successes, big and small. Sure, failure is part of the journey, but it doesn’t have to be the destination. Any success is a huge success, so send me an email and let’s talk.

“You are what you eat.  So don’t be FAST, CHEAP, EASY or FAKE”