best workouts for pregnant women

workouts for pregnant women
workouts for pregnant women

Finding workouts for pregnant women can be tough, simply because we become incredibly busy. During this, pregnancy causes your body to undergo changes that are out of your control. As a result, the thought of being a mom working out is the last thing on your mind. All of this can cause a lot of stress on an expectant mother. We don’t want that. We do still want and need you to find the best workouts for pregnant women at home because it’s good for your body, baby and state of mind. 

With that said, gaining strength before having a baby is necessary. Regaining strength of your body after having a baby is also incredibly necessary. Many of my prenatal clients are examples of what is possible. While you might not be able to control the rapid changing body you are working with, we can give you peace of mind to realize this;

  • Caring for your body is a choice within your control.
  • Getting ready for the baby is requires some pregnancy workouts at home.

Stay Fit PreNatal was designed with women like you in mind. It is simple and effective workouts for pregnant women. The reason for this is we want you fit NOW. This now fitness will aid in a more comfortable pregnancy and delivery. The immediate companion for workouts for pregnant women is a balanced nutrition plan. Before you do anything, please do these quick 5 steps:

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  2. Download Girl, Get your Fit Together – The 5 Pound Challenge.
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  4. Schedule your coaching call.
  5. Be AMAZING 

However, this is NOT the time to start a new high-intensity exercise routine. This is a complement to what you’re already doing fitness wise in order to support a healthy pregnancy. If you haven’t worked out before pregnancy, it’s okay. DO NOT WORRY. I have many post-pregnancy exercises that can be done to take care of your body that are not only safe, but beneficial as well. We are not here to create new levels of fitness, but to stay fit while we are pregnant.  This is why I call my pregnancy program ‘Stay Fit Prenatal.’

The focus of an exercise program during and after pregnancy is about:

  1. Supporting cardiovascular health physical structure for gestation and recovery.
  2. Strength of the back and hips, maintaining good cardiovascular endurance, and maintaining good mental and nutritional health are the primary focus of Stay Fit Prenatal. Long duration pregnancy workouts at home are not necessary.
  3. Thirty minutes, 3-5 days a week is a great start. If exercise is already in your routine and surpasses 30 minutes of exercise, maintaining the same duration is considered safe. Increasing pregnancy workouts intensity or duration is best monitored by a professional and approved by your physician. 

Recommended cardiovascular activities put safety first. As progesterone and relaxin hormones increase, the body becomes more flexible, less stable, and more prone to injury. The joints become more flexible and the muscles are more prone to tearing. In this case, running may be uncomfortable for the body as the baby starts to push out against the abdominal wall and create instability in the core. Also, running on uneven terrain leaves the body prone to injury and is an unnecessary activity. Together, we can do this. I got the best workout programs for pregnant women at home. 

If you already had your little one, don’t worry…post pregnancy exercise is one of my specialties. 4 months after my first baby, I competed in a bikini competition. My first one. Not only was this pushing through a fear of not looking my best, it was a milestone of discovery for my better self. I took 4th place. 6 Months later, I took 2nd place. In total, I’ve done 4 shows, but it’s not about how we finish, but how we find the best post pregnancy workout ever. Together, we got this. For more details on these Stay Fit Prenatal programs, please visit my website.

Ask The Expert

Fitness & Nutrition Expert Julie DelaBarre talks all things Real Mom Fitness

The growing baby bump causes excess stress on our lower back and hips.  Pregnant women have a tendency to develop a kyphotic curve in their lumber, or a sway back, due to the growing belly.  The extra weight bearing puts a brunt on your hips which can make your back ache as well as deep within the hips and through your legs.

Calisthenics are great for strengthening your hips, glutes, and back and can be performed in the convenience of your home!  Certain stretches are also great to relieve aching muscles that are tense from daily activity.

Yes! Whether you are a seasoned gym goer or just starting an exercise regimen, you can and should start exercising.  There are different exercise regimens, exercise recommendations, frequencies and durations at which you should exercise that will be found in this book.  Exercising while pregnant is great for mom and baby’s health.

Morning Sickness, Blood Sugar regulation, endurance, constipation, and lower back pain are just a few reasons why you should exercise during prenancy.

ACOG once recommended 140bpm, which was based on cardiac rehabilitation clients.  ACOG has then since made the statement that a pregnant woman can exercise to the ability that she is previous accustomed to or how she feels that day.  Bare in mind that while being pregnant, high intensity exercise is not necessary.  Pregnancy is a time to nurture the growing child inside you and maintain your level of health.  There will be plenty of time and ability to “kill it” at the gym, if that is your style, after your healthy bundle joins the family.

Your goal during your pregnancy should be caring for your body, and the health of both you and your child.  Exercise has numerous benefits for child development, delivery, and recovery.

Depending on your current exercise regimen, start following our recommended Stay Fit Prenatal guidelines.  Also, be sure to listen to how your feel each day.  Every day of each trimester effects your body differently.  One day you may feel full of energy, and then next day you may just want to pull the covers over your head and sleep until noon.  We don’t always have that luxury, but coddling yourself is your first priority.

We encourage you to get activity daily by listening to how your body feels that day. Also, always consult your doctor when doing any exercises when pregnant.

Stop immediately and consult your doctor. Each pregnancy is different because we, as ladies, come in all shapes and sizes. Drink water. Lie down and rest. If you still feel out of sorts, contact your doctor right away.