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Nurturing our soul is the foundation of our chemistry project. We cannot build a house on a cracked and crumbling foundation. The soul needs to be built of bricks and not straw. When we don’t take care of our needs, we end up reaching for outlets that create the cracks I am talking about. Some people reach for pizza or ice cream and others might drink too much or enter unhealthy relationships.

The thing they all have in common is a desire to fill the hole in their soul. This hole needs our attention. This hole needs our love and compassion. When we are able to tun into our soul and really listen, because it’s always speaking to us, we can heal our foundation and correct any sort of behavior that hurts us.

An unbalanced life will show itself in our bodies. Human Beings are taught to cope with pain through outside stimulus; food, work, drugs, sex, social media, and relationships. No one ever taught us how to allow emotions. Parents attempt to correct their children’s behavior before the behavior or voice can be heard. What we should be doing is allowing them to feel their feelings, then teach them how to investigate the thought behind the feeling.

When we turn inward and listen to our pure voice, which is gently trying to lead us, we get answers. At this point we become resilient because we are being led by our truth. We know we have our own backs, because our truth is our treasure. It is not dictated by the media or our circle of friends, it is ours and ours alone. It is the something that makes us a unique beacon of shining light. This is where the journey begins.

We can make food plans and attend exercise classes all day long, but we will never succeed unless we fix the root cause of our imbalance.  It’s a virus that has somehow worked its way into our thoughts and behaviors and shown up in our current life and health. All it takes is being present, giving our inner voice a chance to speak, and nurturing the hole in our soul to make us whole. That wholeness has always been there and will never go away, it’s just we have gotten sidetracked. Misguided by thoughts and lied to. It’s time for us to shine.

Breathe, Feel, Cry, Laugh. Listen to your heart. Nurture your soul.

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“Take a quiet walk with Mother Nature. It will nurture your mind, body and soul.”

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