Nutrition Coaching

What you eat makes a difference in how you feel

Nutrition coaching is more than telling you to ‘eat this, not that.’  Nutrition coaching is actually about helping you understand what foods are right for YOUR body and not some blueprint diet plan you see printed in a magazine somewhere.  Our body’s are all different.  As a result, every nutrition plan is different.

It doesn’t matter if your nutrition goals are related to weight loss, athletic performance or a general improvement in your health, the secret to nutrition coaching with me is for us to work together to create the plan that is best for you and your body.  Sessions can be either in person or over the phone, whatever works best for you.I offer both Individual Coaching plans and Group Nutrition Coaching plans for two or more people.  I also work with corporate groups, which we can discuss the best option and rate for your nutritional needs as a company.

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Weight Loss for a Wedding?  Tone up?  Run a Marathon?  Each of these goals requires different nutrition and training.

Are you a busy Mom?  Have a fitness deadline?  Want to make it easy?

No matter your current nutrition level, I will create a program that yields results!

Choose Nature’s Best

Mother Nature offers everything your body needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle

When you work with me, I will teach you how to eat without labels.  What does that mean?  If you find yourself opening a package to heat something up, chances are your nutrition is less than desirable.  Eating without labels means eating live and fresh food and one of the first steps in proper nutrition.  If a ‘food’ can sit on the shelf for days on end, chances are the nutritional values are lower than what you need.

Another way to maximize your your nutritional intake is to eat for fuel.  Empty calories like sugar and processed foods are responsible for the growing obesity rate in America.  I know it’s hard to imagine, but if you want real nutritional results, cut out sugar from your diet.  It’s hard if you are used to eating packaged and processed foods, but you would be surprised how sweet an apple actually can be.

“Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.”

Hippocrates - 460-370 BC

“You are what you eat.  So don’t be FAST, CHEAP, EASY or FAKE”