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AHA Fitness Secrets

January 7th, 2021|Fitness results, Nutrition|

While there are endless fitness secrets out there, my 20 years of experience has narrowed it down to a poignant three. As the industry continues to flood with “fitness gurus,” “fad diets” and “quick fix fitness books,” fitness secrets seem to be a dime a dozen. Until now. Welcome to the AHA of Fitness Secrets. ‘A’wareness ‘H’onesty ‘A’llowance

5 Fitness Success Fixes

December 9th, 2020|Fitness results|

What the fit are we doing wrong? How do we achieve Fitness Success when we are so busy? Weight loss is one of the top goals of New Year’s Resolution year after year. If you are going to put the effort in and sacrifice some couch time, I want you to reap the benefits. We do that by discovering why

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