Back pain when pregnant is a common complaint for soon-to-be moms. When we are pregnant our little baby is starting make room in the womb and bodies just need to move from that seated position during the 8 hour work day.  To help with that back pain, here are 3 Easy Back Pain Stretches & Exercises you can do anywhere.


Pregnancy workoutsSIDE BEND

Stand up and do this often. Waiting by the microwave, standing in line at Starbucks, or set an alarm on your phone to get up and move during the work day. Don’t be shy and just stand up with your left side next to a chair, table, or wall for support. Cross your right leg in front of your left and reach your right arm up and over.








Chair 1A


You can do back pain stretch and exercise while you are sitting at the desk. Bonus! Cross one ankle on the knee (that is, if you can pregnant mommas) and hug the knee across the body. Trust me, if you press into your belly a little, it won’t hurt the baby.





Chair 3A


Kneeling down with one foot forward, pull your belly button in and squeeze your glutes. Press your hips forward, making sure your front foot is forward enough to lean into. Feel the stretch in front of the hip and thigh of your kneeling leg, the knee that is down on the ground. Then stretch the same arm (as the knee) up and over. So, if your right knee is down, left foot forward, reach the right arm up and over. This is my all-time favorite stretch I always do, pregnant or not!