“I want to lose weight, tone up, get lean, and be healthy” are some of the statements I hear from clients.  They all come to me with a desire for their dream body and I show them exactly how to do it.

You must know there are no magic pills and only a formula for fitness success.  The secret to what I do is teach my clients how to sustain fitness as a way of life, not a destination to ‘get into shape’ but a way of life! 

This is the reason I want to share with you some of the success stories of my clients.  As a nutrition and fitness expert, I am so grateful for all of them and their journeys to live a FIT-FULL life! 


My clients are my inspiration!

Abs of Steel

“When I first met Julie over a year ago, I was in an exercise-regimen rut.  I was running long distances, which I thought should be enough.  After all, running 30-40 miles a week takes up a lot of time.  However, Julie soon proved to me that running was NOT enough.  After working out with her (as my personal trainer) only a few times, I soon realized I was soft and flabby…despite all of my running. My diet also had a lot of room for improvement.  With Julie’s excellent workout AND nutrition instruction, my body completely changed.  For the first time in my life, I am not soft and flabby, and I have a better body now at the age of 40 than I did when I was 25!!  I ran my best Marathon ever after training with Julie…not to mention, I have the strongest abs on the planet!  And it’s all thanks to Julie’s expertise.  She’s amazing :)”


“I lost 32 pounds working with Julie. I recently went to my cousins wedding and I was the talk of the evening! I worked really hard and followed everything she said, and now I look forward to going to the gym. It’s nice to hear the compliments. Now people are asking me for advice!”

Sarah Tekippe
Age 34

Jenn Bride“Julie was an incredible motivating force – pushing me to new levels of fitness that I never thought possible.  Each time I swore I couldn’t lift another pound or run any faster, she would push me to try and consistently proved to me that I could do so much more than I thought I ever could.  And each time I swore that I couldn’t see any changes in my body, someone would tell me how I had motivated them to start working out because of how great I looked.”

Jennifer Steinberg-Miller
Bridal Client


“Working with Julie was one of the highlights of my wedding preparation. She made every session fun but wasn’t afraid to kick my butt! Her workouts really transform your body in a short time frame. On my wedding day I felt so beautiful and the most fit I had ever been, which was a great bonus for the honeymoon in Maui! Now that I’m a mom I have used her techniques to bounce back from my pregnancy and stay strong so I can keep up with my active boy.”

Ashley Balaker


“My sister and I have worked with Julie for three now. We are breast cancer survivors who refuse to get old. Since working with Julie we can both see great improvements in our balance and energy, which is important when you get older especially with our busy traveling schedule. Our biggest celebration was the results from our doctor who told us we’ve increased our bone density by 10%! Julie is our trainer for life.”

Sami & Marilyn
Ages 77 & 80 

“I’ve lost 40 pounds with Julie’s expertise and care! I’ve been preparing for my wedding and Julie not only helped me with my body, but has been my peace of mind!! Her support has kept me on track and accountable which has helped me not only lose the weight, but get down to a healthy percentage of body fat and BMI. I never thought i’d be a runner, and here i am logging miles! Julie is amazing at what she does and truly cares about her clients. Now that I’m married, we have to start training for the babies!”

Meghan L.
Age 34 

“I’ve been struggling to get back to my college weight. Working with Julie I’ve not only achieved my goal weight, but have completed the Malibu Triathlon! Julie provides the ultimate personal training experience; a superior knowledge of health, fitness and nutrition, combined with an intense focus on setting goals for your performance and helping you reach them. All of which is executed with a supportive and positive attitude. It is so gratifying to hear friends and family say, “Wow, you look amazing!” Julie is priceless.”

Sam W.

“Julie is the best trainer I have ever had in my life. She facilitated my transformation from having an attitude of “I must go work-out” to an “I can’t wait to work out.” Her radiant presence is matched by her knowledge, grace and attitude of caring service. What can I say…. I love her!”

Emilio D.
Age 33

“I never thought nutrition and fitness could change my life, but working with Julie has done just that; CHANGED MY LIFE. She helped me get off sugar, and I love her for it! Her total body approach gave me more energy and more desire to work out. I used to hate to work out, now I can’t wait. I have Julie to thank for that. She changed my life.”

Eric D.
Age 46







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