My fitness and nutrition programs are client specific.  Whatever your schedule, whatever your goal, I will help get you there!  


GUARANTEED. . . or your $$ back!

The Program — A precise formula for your body type, lifestyle, and goals.  You will gain an extensive education of your body’s nutrition & fitness formula that will jump start your desired results, increase your energy, and start reprogramming your metabolism.

Just as you would train your body to run a marathon, you train your body through nutrition to BURN FAT FOR FUEL!  You require a unique formula based on your body type, metabolic and medical histories, lifestyle, and goals.  It is my job to lead you through a successful, step-by-step program you can rely on for a lifetime.



Body Type: Your body type determines your metabolic tolerance to certain macronutrients ( carbohydrates, fats, and protein) and is the key to the fuel mixture that is right for your desired results.

Goals: Weight loss? tone? strengthen? run a marathon? Each of these goals requires a different nutritional and training program. Have a deadline? Want to make it EASY? That requires a different strategy as well.

Lifestyle: Kids? Travel? Work overload? No matter what your lifestyle, I can create a program that will yield the results you want. In as little as 10 MINUTES A DAY!!

  • A complete health and lifestyle evaluation.
  • Lifestyle Limiting Factors solutions are provided.
  • Food preferences, life routines, and realistic options are implemented.
  • BIA test.
  • Functional Blood test analysis.
  • Your medical and metabolic histories are reviewed.
  • A complete postural analysis.
  • Body composition analysis.
  • On-going Email Access.
  • Bi-Weekly check-ins to ensure results.
  • Heart Rate training zones are prescribed.
  • Weekly nutrition, strength, and exercise program.
  • On-Going personal education for your needs.



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